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i ran the game on my mac with wine just fine! what a sweet and lovely game!! i love cute rpg where i get to help everyone out! i loved the atmosphere of the game, limited palette is my JAM!!

[spoilers ahead]

just one criticism, the clue on the mayor's house is really a little difficult, i really wish there was an option that lets you review the clues! had to look in the comments for the final three digits ;;

the only thing that stopped me from going through a perfect run on my first go was my clumsiness as i bought more spaghetti than i was needed, and ended up not being able to afford the toys to make the princess happy... that will go to the regretful whole food purchases;;

i restarted the game and used pickles to get a perfect run! i can't wait to see more of your work, and pip's backstory!!

also my favourite characters are harold and jolene... they're so cute together!! and the Rare Happy Artist. and the 32 years old princesses servant? i love all the character designs, they're all like perfectly huggable plushies!! >_<;; i really hope to see a conclusion to the couple that deals with swimming dilemmas (hope they worked things out...)


Just want to say this is a really lovely game!
All of the characters are fun and memorable, and it feels comfy.  I liked the NPC with the plate that was too far away.
Thanks for all of the time you spent making it, and I hope you keep making games!

This is such a kind comment. Thank you so much! I fully intend to. :)

i had a question about making the stew. im sure i have all the ingredients but when i make the stew it doesn't use the spices in my inventory and it doesn't end up coming out right. is there maybe something i'm missing here?


oh my gosh, immediately after posting this i figured it out lol. nevermind!

I was replaying the game today but this time as the mouse and I have a question, are there customized illustrations for the mouse interacting with Harriet too? Or does only the cat have illustrations? I wasn't able to find carrots while playing as the mouse so I couldn't make a proper stew and make the waffle boy and that client happy so I thought that was why I didn't get any illustrations with Harriet but I thought I should ask at least. (Also how do you get carrots as a mouse? I couldn't for some reason, even though I was able to get them as a cat :( Looked everywhere for them)

Oh, how strange! There's separate illustrations of the mouse (Plum) in all those pictures. The carrots should be made available by the castle guard on the first floor who turns to face the camera after Margaret retreats to her room. Is he not giving them? That's really odd...


Oh, so it depended on when I asked them for it! Thank you so much for telling me that, I didn't realize ^^'

I was now able to complete the game properly (making everyone in Toppletown happy) and see the illustrations of Harriet and Plum happy together <3

Aw, man, what a lovely game. The more I played and replayed this, the more I fell in love with this little place called Toppletown.

(Btw, does the teabag the giraffe give you has any purpose? xD)

You're welcome! Your reception means a ton to me - thank you so much for playing!

The teabag item can be brewed at either Tanya's kitchen (after the spaghetti quest) or the Princess's kitchen if you do it before collecting stew ingredients I believe. It serves no real purpose whatsoever - your character just says it hit the spot or something once they drink it. :)


Okay, I just finished the game and oh, boy. I'm in love with it. I love Margaret and Harriet so much, I want to marry Harriet. T_T Giant bunny wife. I had a lot of trouble with the lock on the mayor's house because I'm bad at math and have ADHD but all the effort was worth it just to see the rest of the game and meet Harriet and make Margaret happy and play with her... I loved Pip and everyone else too, of course, and Pip's secret backstory. Marlow made me laugh a lot with his angry lines, "You think this is a joke?" combined with that smiley face of his? The best. Thank you for making this game.

Thank you so much for your feedback, it made my day! :)


nice little game. thanks for making. i don't know how to spoiler stuff here, but is there a secret quest to catch pip, or are his shenanigans just background flavor? i'm sure you know what i'm talkin' about.


thank you for your comment!
It's just universe building. I intend to make more games in the future that will further explore him and a few other characters that appeared in Toppletown.


How many endings are there? Adorable art, by the way!


Also I seriously cannot figure out the last 3 numbers for the mayor's house code no matter what, and I really wanna unlock it. xD


Thank you! There's only 2 endings - a regular one and a "full" one, which, once you meet its requirements, you'll get a message telling you you've done everything. As for those last few digits - two numbers made of daisies will spawn in the east and west sides of town after you give Sapphire the daisy seeds and she tells you the hint. Let's just say the last 4 digits of the code are two numbers repeating. i.e. "3838" (except not 3 and 8).


Was actually able to figure them out by deducting, looking around, and guessing! Thank you so much for replying! The writing was so funny yet heartwarming, and the art like I said was adorable! I'm looking forward to your future creations so much, and wonderful job! :)


What is the code for the mayor house? I tried to follow the hint but it was wrong everytime :(((


To repeat Sapphire's hint, the first number is the mayor's favorite number, followed by the number of apples growing in Toppletown. You can find out what these are by visiting Soda Junction which is essentially a hint house. The next digit is how many eggs are on the wallpaper at the Waffle House, and "the last three digits are all even - possibly the kind you can find around town." Head back up to the east portion of town and one of those numbers will have made itself visible from the daisies you gave Sapphire. West town will have the other unique number that makes up these last 3 digits.

(For clarification, reaching the Mayor's house is an inconsequential bonus in the game and not necessary at all to achieve the good ending.)


I really enjoyed this game! the characters are all precious, and it was a lovely way to spend a couple hours.

my only question, if my last save was on the last screen before the credits, is it really impossible to head back to topple town without starting a new game? I had no idea I had passed a point of no return

still, it was a lovely game. exploring towns is my favorite part of any JRPG, so this felt right up my alley!


Oh no, yes, if you'd saved right on that final screen you can't go back. This is an oversight on my part because I figured no one would want to do anything there besides walk up...had it been on the screen immediately prior, though, you would have been able to walk back to town. I apologize for that. But thank you so much for your feedback!